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Problem 1: Employment Law Compliance

So what exactly is employment law compliance and why should it be an area of focus for businesses big and small? Employment law compliance is following the laws and regulations that are required to govern businesses. The laws vary depending on the company size, industry, business location, and the structure of the organization.

From COBRA and HIPAA to the ACA, it can be hard to navigate through the alphabet soup to ensure employer compliance with the many regulations. If you’re struggling with employment law compliance and Human Resources at your organization,  

we can help you.

While some of the compliance laws do differ for small businesses, many regulations

 are applicable regardless of a company’s size. 

The Solution:

You need two things:
1.) To get compliant:
No matter where you are in your journey you will need sharpen your understanding of the ADA, EEOC, FMLA and more. You will also need Job Descriptions, Policy and Procedures, an Employee Handbook.


2.) You will need a resource to keep you updated as things change.

That Resource is

Problem 2:

To be taken Serious in the Human Resources you need to be HRCI Certified.

The Solution:

Simply said "many company's want their HR staff certified".....
it's the only way to go now days.  

It is hard to get and keep a desirable HR job without
the PHR/SPHR certification. 

We have a Prep course!  It's an intense online training with all the Course information and simulated test questions that match the exam.  

So, if you follow this curriculum and work the practice exams. 

You will pass PHR/SPHR Certification!  

Prep Courses are the only way to go to
save time and money to get your certification.

Go here now

Sometimes you just need a little help and today you found it.

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